Bodyguard V9X Bike

A great indoor bike choice for commercial facilities looking for safe, comfortable, durable equipment loaded with motivating training programs.

Bodyguard Standard Features

6.5” Pedal Spacing

Increases comfort and reduces the risk of injury by promoting the correct alignment of the hips, knees and ankles. 

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ComfortCush Seats

Ergonomically contoured seats designed with a low density foam section are ideal for comfortable long rides.

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Silicone Keys

The soft-touch Silicone Keys are the most responsive and durable in the industry.

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Digital Contact Heart Rate

Faster and more accurate contact heart rate readouts shaped in a natural hand resting position.

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Heart Rate Control Programs

Take the guess work out of your training and exercise at the exact intensity your body desires.

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K2 Electromagnetic Resistance System

Silent, powerful, precise, durable and maintenance-free resistance.

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Target Watts Programming

Known as the “Anti-Cheat” program. Guarantee your results without the need of a chest strap.

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Premium Features

Multi-Grip Handlebars

Offers more exercise options and comfort no matter the preferred riding position.

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72 Degree Seat Post Angle

Inclinated at 72º to mimic the comfortable feeling of a premium outdoor bike.

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Infinite Seat Adjustments

A quick release fore-aft adjustment is combined with a heavy duty vertical pin-lock mechanism to create infinite fitting positions.

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Solid Steel Seat Plate

Durable seat plate tilted correctly to ease pressure on the pelvis.

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Power: Self-Generated
Pedal Spacing: 6.5"
Seat Post Angle: 72º
Seat Adjustments: Vertical, Fore & Aft
Handlebars: Multi-Grip
Heart Rate: Contact & Wireless
Resistance Type: K2 Electromagnetic
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
Space-Efficient Footprint: 45"L x 20.5"W x 58"H





The V9X console is one of the most advanced on the market, loaded with a wide range of fun programs and features that promote exercise variety and optimize performance.


Blue LCD Display                

‘imagine’ compatibility

20 x 13 Dot Matrix                

Alphanumeric Feedback

8 User ID's                

Warm Up/Cool Down Option

Telemetric Heart Rate                

Metric/Standard Units

Auto Power Off                

Cardio Vision Comp.

 Adj. Wattage Range                

Adj. Wattage Increments

PRESET PROGRAMS = 16                              
* JustGo  


* Manual * Calorie Goal
* Distance Goal * Cross-Country
* Intervals * Random
* Goodbye Fat * Track


* Heart Rate Control * Heart Rate Intervals       
* Fitness Test            
* Advanced Hills * Race
* Beat My Race * Target Watts
* 8 Custom Programs     
* 8 Memory Programs


There are 3 different PROGRAM MODES that Bodyguard bikes use to provide a more realistic riding experience. They are CONSTANT TORQUE, CONSTANT WATTS and GEAR RATIO. Each program is automatically assigned one of these modes. Refer to the User Guide in the User Manual to view the Program Mode table.

General Specifications

Power Requirements        Self-Generated
Color         Silver Diamanté
Pedal Spacing (Q-Factor)       6.5”
Pedal Straps         Quick-Release
Seat       CCS
Horizontal Seat Adjustment       Infinite Fore & Aft
Vertical Seat Adjustment       Fixed Pin-Lock
Seat Plate       Steel
Resistance Type       K2 Electromagnetic
Resistance Range       15-400W @ 60rpm
Handlebars       Multi-Grip
Contact Heart Rate       Digital Dual Sided
Tilting Console       Yes
Main Key Pad       Silicone
Bottle Holder       Yes
Accessory Tray       Yes
Reading Rack       Integrated
Transport Wheels       Integrated
Adjustable Levelers          4
User Weight Capacity       350 lbs (159kg)
Certifications       FCC-UL-CSA-NMB-003
User Manual Languages       English & French


Product Dimensions

Length       45" (114cm)
Width         20.5" (52cm)
Height       58" (147cm)
Product Weight       113lbs (51kg)


Shipping Dimensions

Length       39” (99cm)
Width       22” (56cm)
Height       22” (56cm)
Shipping Weight       130 lbs (59kg)



Current Software Version       1.07
Languages       English & French
Energy Saving       Auto-Power Off
Unit Selection       Metric or Standard
Screen                  Blue LCD
Profile Display                  20 x 13 Dot Matrix
Alphanumeric Feedback       14 Character Message Center
Readouts (Designated)       Calories, Calories per Hour, Distance, Elapsed Time, Heart Rate, Level, Pace, RPM, Speed, Target Speed, Watts, METS
Readouts (Summary)       Average Speed, Calories Burned, Total Distance, Total Exercise Time
iTek           Settings & Diagnostics Menus
Preset Programs        16
HRC Programs       3
Custom Programs       8
Memory Programs       8
'imagine' compatability       Yes
User ID’s       8
User Workout Log            Yes (Cumulative)
Heart Rate Receiver        Yes (Polar 5 KHz Compatible)
Heart Rate Chest Strap       Optional (Wireless)
Cardio Theatre      



Commercial Warranty

Frame       Lifetime
Parts       5 Years
Labor       2 Years


$1,999.00 USD


Frame :Lifetime

Resistance System:5 years

Parts:5 years

Labor:2 years

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