Which Bodyguard Fitness equipment does the imagine app currently work with?

Treadmills: T260P, T280P, T460XC, T520P* & T560X*

Bikes: R6X, R9X and V9X

* Commercial Product

Does 'imagine' work on all iPad versions?

No, 'imagine' works on iPad 2's with at least iOS6 installed as well as all newer versions of the iPad including the iPad mini.

Does 'imagine' work on the iPhone?

No, 'imagine' is not compatible with the iPhone.

Is 'imagine' available for Android based devices?

No, currently 'imagine' is only available on Apple's iPad App store.

Do 'imagine' compatible models work without an iPad?

Yes, all 'imagine' compatible models come with a standard LCD console that controls the equipment and an iPad with 'imagine' installed may be attached anytime if desired. 

How can I update my 'imagine' software?

'imagine' updates are automatically "pushed" to all iPads that have 'imagine' installed.

When I try to connect my iPad to an 'imagine' compatible piece of equipment, nothing happens and I do not see "IPAD ATTACHED" written on the console?

This is caused from a communication breakdown between the iPad and the console. It is usually solved by killing the app in the App Switcher, disconnecting the iPad completely from the machine and turning off the treadmill.  Wait a couple of seconds and then turn on the treadmill and confirm the unit is at the Main Menu.  Next, attach the iPad cable correctly to the console and the iPad and if "IPAD CONNECTED" does not appear after a few seconds then there may be a hardware issue. Start by testing if the iPad to Bodyguard cable is functional. To confirm, test your cable on a dealer's floor model unit at a store. If that confirms it is damaged the dealer can assist you with getting a replacement. If the iPad to Bodyguard cable works correctly then there may be an issue with the iPad module (PC Board) in the console. Contact your dealer or the Bodyguard Fitness Service Department to assist you with replacing this component.

I am having a problem with my 'imagine' app. What should I do?

If you are having ongoing technical issues such as the app crashing and closing, delete the app from your iPad and reinstall it. If that does not solve the problem review apples customer support page for assistance.  There are also many tips and suggestions online on things you can do on your iPad to resolve apps that crash. If you cannot solve the problem please email us at customerservice@bodyguardfitness.com and report the issue.