Get Started with 'imagine'

It's as easy as 1,2,3.
1) Download imagine to your iPad* from the App Store. (*min. requirement iPad 2 with iOS6 installed)
2) Download the latest version of the display software for your Bodyguard Fitness imagine compatible piece of equipment by following the instructions here. Connect your iPad to the equipment and place the iPad in the holder. If correctly connected the equipment's blue LCD console will say "IPAD ATTACHED". 
3) Open the imagine app and start exercising.

Get Help Using imagine

Once imagine is installed on your iPad you can use most of its features in "demo" mode without attaching the iPad to an imagine compatible piece of equipment. This is a great way to familarize yourself with the software and see how imagine works. If you need any help simply press the "?" button on screen and a detailed Help page will appear. If you need further assistance, would like to give us some feedback, offer a suggestion or report a fault, please contact our customer service department

Connect your iPad

Connecting your iPad to an imagine compatible piece of Bodyguard Fitness piece of equipment is easy. Simply follow these steps.
Step 1: Turn on the imagine compatible piece of equipment and ensure the console is at the Welcome Screen.
Step 2: Connect the "Bodyguard to Apple" cable to the console and your iPad. You will hear a beep and "IPAD CONNECTED" will appear on the LCD console.
Step 3: Place the iPad into the holder on the console and open the imagine app and start exercising.