Wireless Headphones

With iPad's Bluetooth compatibility, imagine users can workout with wireless headphones so those annoying wires are out of the way. Listen to your favorite music and podcasts, watch your favorite movies and TV shows or even Video Conference with a friend and you'll never have to worry about accidently pulling out and damaging your headphone connectors again.

Virtual Reality Training

Download a Virtual Reality app such as Virtual Active and use it along with 'imagine' to view some amazing different sceneries while exercising. Simply swipe the screen with 4 fingers to swap between the apps.

Fitness Games

You'll be amazed how quickly the time passes when you workout while playing the latest cardio games like Fit Freeway by Bit Gym. There are more and more software developers creating fun games apps that are perfect to play while exercising with 'imagine'. You can check out some that our user's have reccomended here.