Full iTunes Integration

imagine's new multimedia center includes full iTunes integration allowing you to workout to all your favorite music from your iTunes library.  And thanks to the built-in Bluetooth support, you can enhance your workout experience with HD Wireless Headphones (sold seperately) or connect to your compatible home speaker system while maintaining complete control at your fingertips.   

Millions of Movies at your Fingertips

Press the Movie icon and link immediately to YouTube and their millions of free video choices. It will be easy to find something to keep you entertained and take your mind off burning those calories.

Easy Internet Access

Simply push the 'internet' logo in imagine's multimedia center and a Safari window will open allowing you to start surfing the web (wifi access required). When you would like to return to imagine just swipe across the screen using four fingers and all the current workout data will be right in front of you.

Customized Email Support

imagine's new multimedia center includes customized email support making it easy to catch up on those unread emails. Once you've setup your mail account, one push of a button will take you to your inbox making it easy to turn exercise time into multi-tasking time.