Custom Workout Screen

Track your workout progress exactly how you like thanks to the customizable workout screen that offers various viewing options and the ability to select which parameters you wish to view during your workout.

Advanced HRT Center

Monitoring your Heart Rate during workouts has never been clearer thanks to imagine's new Heart Rate Training (HRT) Center with its color coded Heart Rate Readout and Training Zone Display.  And when more advanced Heart Rate Training Programs are undertaken the addition of Target Heart Rate and Maximum Heart Rate % displays means you'll have everything you need to maximise your HRT workouts at your disposal.

Workout Entertainment

Watch high-resolution movies, TV shows, stream live Web content, play games or just surf the internet all while completing your favorite workout (internet connection required). And with a simple 4 finger swipe you can return to imagine anytime to view your current workout progress and statistics.

All Your Music

Music and fitness are a perfect match so we fully integrated iTunes into imagine's multimedia center making it easy to access your complete music library. Listen to your favorite songs via the built-in speakers, use your headphones or take advantage of the Bluetooth compatibility and workout like a pro with cordless headphones or by pairing to a compatible entertainment system (items sold separately).

Social Fitness

Make your workouts social again by using compatible apps from Skype, Facetime or Fring and videoconference with friends and family or even your personal trainer while exercising.  Join fitness groups such as the "Bodyguard Community" and meet online for regular training sessions, share motivational tips and brag about your great results on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Unlimited USER ID Bank

By capitalizing on the iPad's vast memory, imagine can store an unlimited number of full-feature User ID’s meaning large groups can setup a personal ID for each exerciser with customized settings on the one iPad. This feature, which is great for personal trainers or coaches keeps all the data for each and every workout in the one device and means no need to waste time transferring results from machines to computers.

Beat My Race

Finally the ability to replicate every aspect of a previous workout is capable thanks to imagine's advanced "ghosting" capabilities. The workout's parameters are saved every second (not averaged out) meaning when the program is repeated later each and every speed, intensity or incline change occurs exactly at the same time as in the original workout. This makes it possible to build exact replications of races such as a 10,000m track event and build in changes of speed and a final sprint that occur at the same time as was done in the original race.

Advanced Workout Analytics

Review and Analyze your performance thanks to the detailed workout feedback options.  Export the data into tables and produce detailed graphs and charts that can be shared with your doctor, personal trainer or friends. Check out the demo video and download our Excel template here.