Visiting Your Specialty Fitness Store

Once you know the category or categories of equipment you wish to invest in then the next step is to choose the right model that has the features you need.


If you have a specialty fitness store in your region then you are in luck.  Specialty Fitness Stores generally have a wide range of quality fitness equipment on display for you to try before you buy as well as offer installation, warranty and non-warranty service. The staff are usually trained specialists who can suggest products that will match your needs, provide detailed information about the different products and basically make the buying process simple.


Quick Tips for your Store Visit:

- Go to the store in the right clothing and shoes to work out on the equipment.

- Take a Buying Guide with you to the store (You can download some here) and be prepared with any extra questions to ask.

- Try the equipment in the store exactly how you intend using it after the purchase. Most units feel comfortable at low intensity so if you intend working out at a higher intensity at home be sure to test the equipment that way in the store. For example, if you are a runner, be sure to run on them… fast!  You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to see the difference in quality once you start putting the equipment through its paces.