Buying Online

If you do not have access to a local specialty fitness store then you can purchase most quality cardiovascular exercise equipment from manufacturers, dealers, or affiliate websites. However, be aware that you understand exactly what you are paying for as some company's selling conditions change when purchasing online instead of from a local specialty store. 


Here are some things to check if considering purchasing online;


What are the replacement or return policies if you receive a product you are dissatisfied with or damaged by the freight company? 


How will the equipment be shipped to you?  Will it just be dropped off at the curb or can you pay extra to have it brought inside and even installed? Who would be doing the installation or help you with service when you need assistance?  Many companies “claim” to have a nationwide service network, so before purchasing, ask for the name and contact details of who would be your local installer and/or service technician. If you can’t easily get the information… then tread (padon the pun) carefully.


Check if there are any manufacturers warranty restrictions if the equipment is sold and then shipped to another state/province or country or not professionally installed by an authorized service provider.


Does the equipment need to be registered in order to activate the warranty?