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Limited Warranty

Home use only

Bodyguard warrants all new Bodyguard products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty periods set forth below. The warranty periods commence on the invoice date of the original purchase. This warranty applies only against defects discovered within the warranty period and extends only to the original purchaser of the product. Parts repaired or replaced under the terms of this warranty will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period only. To claim under this warranty, the buyer must notify Bodyguard or its authorized dealer within 30 days after the date of discovery of any nonconformity and make the affected product available for inspection by Bodyguard or its service representative. Bodyguard’s obligations under this warranty are limited as set forth above.


Commercial Usage (Definition):

(No club membership 24 hours gyms)

Bodyguard Fitness products are warranted for use in Commercial facilities. Examples of commercial facilities include but are not limited to: Hotels; Resorts; Police and Fire Stations; Apartment Complexes; Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Clinics; Hospitals; Elementary Middle; High Schools and Personal Training Facilities.


Conditions and Restrictions: 

This warranty is valid only in accordance with the conditions set forth below:


The warranty applies to the Bodyguard product only while:

  • it remains in the possession of the original purchaser and proof of  purchase is demonstrated.

  • it has not been subjected to accident, misuse, abuse, improper service, or  non-Bodyguard modification.

  • claims are made within the warranty period.


This warranty does not cover damage or equipment failure caused by electrical wiring not in compliance with electrical codes 
or Bodyguard owner’s manual specifications, or failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance as outlined in the owner’s manual.

Bodyguard does not pay labor outside the United States and Canada.

Warranties outside the United States and Canada may vary. Please contact your local Dealer for details.


This limited warranty shall not apply to:


  1. Software (EPROM) version upgrades.
  2. Normal wear and tear, consumables and cosmetic items, including but not limited to the following: belts, decks, grips, seats, foot rests and labels.
  3. Repairs performed on Bodyguard equipment missing a serial number or with a serial tag that has been altered or defaced.
  4. Service calls to correct installation of the equipment or instruct owners on how to use the equipment.
  5. Pickup and delivery involved with repairs.
  6. Any labor costs incurred beyond the applicable labor warranty period.
  7. Service call travel charges associated with installations based outside a 50 mile/80km driving distance from the nearest dealer store.


Note: Shipping and handling charges for parts will be paid for by Bodyguard Fitness while the unit is still under its original parts warranty.

Warranty Registration

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Service Help

Note: For Product Documentation such as User Manuals and Assembly Guides, visit the DOCUMENTS section.

Visit the Bodyguard Fitness Service You Tube Channel (BodyguardFitService) to view service videos on our products.


Console Software Upgrades

Starting in 2011 many Bodyguard Consoles included a USB Connector which allows easy Console Software Upgrades. Below are the latest versions of console software for each model listed. Check your product's serial number and download the correct console software zip file. In the zip file you will find the Console Software and instructions on how to install the software.



T560X   Serial # 290... (Ver. 2.43)            T520P Serial # 290... (Ver. 2.43)    T460XC  Serial # 290... (Ver. 2.43)
T280P   Serial # 290... (Ver. 2.43)     T260P   Serial # 290... (Ver. 2.43)   T460XC   Serial # 190... (Ver. 1.29)



Upright Bikes


Recumbent Bikes  

E390X Serial # 396... (Ver. 1.07)   V9X Serial # 396... (Ver. 1.07)    R9X Serial # 396... (Ver. 1.07)
E390X Serial # 290... (Ver. 1.07)   V9X  Serial # 290... (Ver. 1.07)   R9X Serial # 290... (Ver. 1.07)
             R6X  Serial # 396... (Ver. 1.07)
            R6X Serial # 290... (Ver. 1.07)



Service Manuals


2012-14 Treadmill Service Guide - *user name & password required (contact or 1.888.407.3784 for more info.) Service Guide includes main parts listing, wiring diagrams and service help for components

Motor Pan Component Service Sheet (Models: F9621*)  - includes wiring diagrams and service/installation help for components in the motor pan (e.g. Drove Motor, MCB, Elevation Motor)

Motor Control Board (MCB) Code Sheet (Model: F9621*) - explains the LED Codes on the MCB and provides assistance for service

Display Error Code Sheet (Model: F9621*) - explains the Error Codes on the Display and provides asisstance on service.



Assembly Guides                                                           



2012-14 T460 & T560 Series

2012-14 T240, T260, T270, T280 & T520 Series


Recumbent Bikes

2011 R6X Recumbent Bike - LED CONSOLE

2012-13 R6X Recumbent Bike - BLUE LCD CONSOLE

2014 R6X & R9X Recumbent Bike - BLUE LCD CONSOLE


Upright Bikes

2011 V6X Recumbent Bike - LED CONSOLE

2013-14 V9X Recumbent Bike - BLUE LCD CONSOLE



2013-14 E390X Elliptical - BLUE LCD CONSOLE