Can I purchase a Bodyguard Fitness product online?

Yes, you can buy factory direct from Authorized dealers may also sell Bodyguard Products online to customers within their service area (approx. 50mi/80km from their place of business).

Do Internet drop shippers sell Bodyguard Fitness equipment?

No, Bodyguard Fitness does not permit Internet drop shippers to sell our products. Our products are only sold by reputable specialty fitness dealers who can service their customers in their local area to ensure customer protection. Furthermore, Bodyguard Fitness does not pay web site owners or product review sites commissions for referred sales or affiliate programs so you can have confidence that positive reviews you read about our products on line are genuine.

Can I install the equipment?

While anyone can try we strongly recommend that you have an authorized service provider install the equipment. Bodyguard Fitness exercise equipment is heavy and utilizes high quality, expensive components. Any components damaged during self-transportation or through installation error are not covered by the warranty so an attempt to save a small amount of money could cost you more if something goes wrong.


Note that authorized Bodyguard dealers use Bodyguard authorized service providers for installation, which ensures the product is safely installed and the customer is protected.

Some companies list their equipment as “maintenance free”. What does that really mean?

Most components on exercise equipment will last an incredibly long time without requiring maintenance however regular preventative maintenance on a small number of key components will result in longer product life, better performance and will save you money by reducing service calls, parts replacement and/or product replacement.  In our experience maintenance free parts tend to wear out and need replacing quicker than maintainable parts and repeatedly paying for a technician to perform service can be very expensive, even more so if the part’s manufacturer’s warranty has expired. As a result Bodyguard Fitness does use some parts on some models that require maintenance but in return customers receive extensive parts and labor warranties. We definitely encourage all customers to follow the maintenance schedule listed in the product’s user manual.

What is the best advice you can give me about purchasing exercise equipment?

Don’t be rushed into a purchasing decision. Do your research, visit a specialty fitness store and try the equipment exactly how you intend to use it at home. You will be able to feel and hear the difference between premium equipment and lower quality imposters once you have had some experience comparing models.