Caractéristiques de série

Système d’absorption d’impacts BDS+

Bodyguard Dissipation System (BDS) is designed to achieve 3 key goals: Minimize Impact Energy, Maximize Foot Stability and Simulate an Athletic Track Feel. To achieve this, Bodyguard treadmills rely on more than just high quality shock absorbers; rather, BDS is engineered as a complementary system to the entire treadmill platform.


Minimizing impact energy without sacrificing foot stability is a challenge for many treadmill manufacturers.  One solution to reduce impact energy is to create a platform that flexes and absorbs the user’s down force. However, the more a platform flexes, the less stable the surface is for the user, increasing the risk of lateral injuries related to foot instability.  Furthermore, high amounts of deck flex often result in a scenario treadmill users call “kickback”.  “Kickback” occurs when a heavily flexed deck returns sharply to its flat state when the weight of the user is lifted.  This results in an uncomfortable bouncy feel to the running surface and is very common in poor quality decks or decks that are too thin in relation to their length (e.g. a ¾ inch thick deck that is 54cm long will have less flex than a ¾ inch thick deck that is 60” long resulting in less ‘kickback’).


The importance of maximizing foot stability and providing a non-shifting running surface for a user can not be underestimated therefore Bodyguard’s shock absorption system focuses on minimizing impact energy without relying on deck or frame flex.  BDS achieves this by custom shaping a unique “visco-elastic polymer” that dissipates the impact energy much more efficiently than standard rubber elastomers.  The unique shape increases the surface area of shock absorber in contact with the deck resulting in superior energy transfer and less deck flex.  Furthermore, “visco-elastic polymers” do not succumb to heat enforced break down and become crusty like standard rubber elastomers do.  As a result BDS offers sustained high quality impact protection for the life of the treadmill unlike competitive products that gradually degrade to the point of requiring replacement.  


Further to maximizing foot stability Bodyguard has completely reengineered its premium treadmill frames to provide the most stable “pound-for-pound” platform available.  By utilizing an exclusive X-Frame design Bodyguard is able to provide stronger, more stable platforms with less frame torsion than standard frames of the same weight.  Also, Bodyguard’s custom foot stabilizers adjust and pivot meaning X-Frames are easily leveled on uneven surfaces.  And when the treadmill is used on an incline, the pivoting action of the stabilizer results in the entire surface area of the feet remaining flat against the floor, again providing improved stability and a superior comfort and feel for the user.


The complete redesign and integration of BDS with our X-Frames successfully achieved our goals of minimizing impact energy and maximizing foot stability.  However, it was imperative that Bodyguard treadmills maintained the wonderful natural running track feel they are synonymous for.  Because all the components of the BDS system (frame, shock absorbers, decks, belts) are fully customizable, engineers were free to modify the specifications of the key components to gain the desired feel a user would experience when they plant their foot.   In order to be sure we were targeting the most natural track feel we investigated the surfaces used by the world’s leading athletic track manufacturers.  Companies such as Mondo, whose surfaces can be found on both the Beijing and London Olympic Athletic Tracks were tested for a range of specifications such as their shore hardness and shock absorption as well as their slip stability.  From these tests we were able to establish the target values we wished to simulate for our treadmill users.  The result of this process is the most natural track feel Bodyguard has ever produced, one that is fully customized to each treadmill frame.  Whether you prefer the space saving benefits of our standard sized frames or the robust performance of our premium frames, Bodyguard customers can have confidence that each and every model is engineered with a complimentary BDS system designed to simulate that wonderful natural track feel.

Système de protection avancée

Advanced Friction Detection System (ADFS), is a system watchdog that uses Bodyguard’s built-in custom amperage reader to monitor the treadmill’s performance and warn users when the unit is operating at an “elevated” level. An AFDS reading above 12 amps generally indicates excessive deck and belt wear and the need for maintenance. Far more precise than using mileage or hours of usage as a guideline for scheduled maintenance, AFDS gives you real-time updates via the iTek key and allows users to forget about monitoring usage levels. If an AFDS warning appears, it indicates that the drive system has been drawing high amperage, which is a primary cause of parts wear. If that occurs, simply follow the maintenance instructions, which usually involve simply cleaning the belt and deck. AFDS is so intuitive that if a user chooses to ignore the maintenance warning and continues to operate the treadmill to the point where the drive system is at risk then it will shut down until the problem is resolved. The current AFDS reading can be accessed at any time via the iTek key, meaning a user can easily see how the system is running at any time.

Service Tip: Bodyguard’s Customer Service Department recommends that users wipe down the deck and the underside of the belt with a dry anti-static cloth and apply Bodyguard lubricant to the belt and deck if the AFDS is above 10amps.

Plateforme 4 sens

All Bodyguard Fitness’ deck surfaces are finished with a multi-layer phenolic coating to reduce belt friction and wear. After many years of heavy-duty use these deck coatings can wear through, so to provide better long-term value to customers and avoid expensive after sales parts purchases, Bodyguard layers both sides of the deck. Therefore, when the phenolic coating is worn down on one side, simply flip the deck over and use the other side. Furthermore, users who only wear a small section at one end of a deck can get even more use out of each side by rotating it thanks to Bodyguards unique 4-Way Deck system. 

Long lasting surfaces combined with our exclusive 4-way flip and rotate system means Bodyguard decks can last thousands of more miles and are just another reason how Bodyguard treadmills keep saving you money many years after the purchase date.

Système de mouvement naturel

Electronic Stride Control (ESC) is an electronic braking system built-into Bodyguard’s Palladium Drive Lower Control Boards that prevents the running belt from over speeding and offers “traction” during the “push off” stage of the stride when exercising on an incline.


Without some sort of braking system, a treadmill belt will usually over speed when a user operates the treadmill on a high incline. The weight of the user combined with gravity creates a heavy downward force that strikes the angled belt each time the foot plants. As a result, the treadmill belts tend to speed up for an instant and travel faster than their desired value. Furthermore, at the end of the stride when the user attempts to “push off” with the rear foot, to drive their weight up and forward into the incline, if there is nothing providing traction then the belt can simply be pushed back and over sped by the user. This action will lengthen the stride as the rear foot stays in contact with the belt longer than desired and causes the users running action to be modified increasing the risk of over stretching and injury.


Without the inclusion of some type of braking system, over sped belts can only slow once they lose momentum, something that quality treadmills that incorporate high inertia motor flywheels and low-friction belts struggle to do before the next foot strike.


The best way to experience the benefits of ESC is to try it for yourself. ESC comes standard on every Bodyguard Fitness treadmill, and to make it easy for users to experience the difference ESC makes, we have created an ESC test that allows you to turn the ESC feature on and off during while using the treadmill at any speed or incline.  This allows you to experience first hand how ESC changes the feel for you and provides more traction during your incline exercises. If you wish to confirm if another treadmill has a similar braking system simply start the treadmill and while holding onto the handrails, place one foot on a foot rail and with the other foot push back on the belt and attempt to over speed it. If the belt just speeds up and does not slow back down to the correct speed until you stop pushing that means there is no built-in braking mechanism.  However, if you feel the belt pull back and slow down even when you keep trying to over speed it, then that means there is a built-in braking system. How quickly the system activates and slows down the belt identifies the quality of that braking system. 


If you are considering purchasing a treadmill and plan on incorporating incline during programs, then be sure to test all units your are considering purchasing on an incline to see that they feel as comfortable at 15% as they do on the flat. If you find it much easier to maintain your correct running form on the Bodyguard Fitness unit then it is most likely the Electronic Stride Control system making all the difference.

Touches en silicone SK


Silicone Keys offer many advantages over standard membrane or plastic keys such as being more responsive, durable and reliable. As a result, Bodyguard Fitness uses Silicone Keys on the main keypad on all our equipment. These princ
iple keys are the ones used most often, especially during exercise, and are prone to wearing out if an unsuitable material is used.  With Silicone Keys a user gets a response even if they just catch the edge of the key, which is very common when in the middle of workout with the heart pounding. And because Silicone Keys do not crack over time, your console will continue performing like new long into the future.

Carte de contrôle moteur

Bodyguard Fitness’ custom-built Palladium Drive is a commercial-grade lower control board that is included on every Bodyguard treadmill. The lower control board is one of the most important components of a treadmill, responsible for regulating the power to the motor and maintaining smooth, consistent belt movement at any speed or incline. The lower control board is also one of the parts put under most stress so it is very important that this component is of high quality so to be durable and offer consistent long-term performance.

Unlike many competitors who offer different series of equipment where only their top range receives the premium electronic components, with Bodyguard that is not the case. The exact same Palladium Drive that has a proven track record in our commercial client's facilities such as hotels, condominiums and schools is the same one you will find in all our residential models.

As well as offering durability benefits, Bodyguard Fitness’ custom-built Palladium Drives offer several performance benefits that regular lower boards do not. Firstly, Palladium Drives include a natural stride control system that prevents belt over speeding on any incline. This system called Electronic Stride Control is of the type usually only found on Club Series equipment. To learn more about Electronic Stride Control, see the ESC section.

Another performance benefit that Palladium Drives offer is the ability to provide much higher acceleration speeds than regular drives. Due to the Palladium Drives ability to provide more power, more efficiently than regular boards, users can simulate true high-acceleration sprint workouts just like are done on a running track. To learn more about this high performance feature visit the Turbo Training section.

Finally, the lower control boards are responsible for regulating the speed control system of a treadmill which means they take the information provided by the speed sensor and process the exact amount of power the motor requires to maintain a smooth consistent feel. Palladium Drives are tremendously fast and accurate at this process and as a result Bodyguard Fitness is able to incorporate an extremely accurate speed detection system. This advanced speed detection system is capable of taking speed readings from the optical sensor hundreds of times per second. Where many competitors use simple speed-reading systems such as those where a single magnet is attached to the front roller, or incorporate smaller discs with less teeth that provide less readings per second, Bodyguard can offer a far more advanced system due to the Palladium Drive’s ability to process the greater amount of data. The result is quicker, smoother belt speed adjustments as each foot strikes and lifts off resulting in a natural exercise feel for the user.

Capteurs tactiles de fréquence cardiaque

Bodyguard’s Digital Contact Heart Rate Sensors offer far more accurate Heart Rate readings than standard analog sensors. Also, our dual sensor plates provide improved contact readings, which is a big advantage for users who traditionally get intermediate contact heart rate readings due to “soft” pulses in the hands.

Caractéristiques supérieures

Mises à jour et recharge USB

Bodyguard consoles fitted with a USB connector enable users to easily update their console software with the latest version for that model available from Bodyguard Fitness. Keep in mind that premium treadmills will last many, many years so being able to easily update your console software is a great way to keep your training up to date. The USB connector also enables recharging services to compatible electronic devices.

Turbo Training

Turbo Training is Bodyguard’s exclusive high-acceleration interval training program designed to simulate anaerobic sprint workouts. High acceleration on a treadmill requires a premium customized lower control board and Bodyguard’s Palladium Drive is ideal for this task. Turbo Training accelerates the treadmill belt at 1.5 mph/sec which means where many treadmills can take up to 25 seconds to accelerate from 0-10mph, Turbo Training will do it in less than 7 seconds.  There are many health benefits to incorporating high acceleration sprint training into your workout and thanks to Turbo Training, this is now possible on your home treadmill. 

Entraînement en descente

Decline-training on a treadmill opens up your workouts to range of new benefits. One of the most obvious is simply exercise variety. Decline training incorporates more quadriceps into your workout and hits your leg muscles in a different way to running on the flat. This will help improve the overall strength of your legs while also helping to make your workouts a little different, more challenging and helps to keep you motivated. As your running level advances, you will find some other wonderful benefits to incorporating decline training into your workouts. Here are just a few…


Improved Downhill Technique. By training regularly in a decline mode you will improve your downhill technique, which is great for your body and will improve your overall performance. Furthermore, regular Decline Training generally increases speed when a runner returns to the flat because the leg turnover (strides per minute) is increased due to the “downhill boost”. Your maximal stride rate is controlled by your neuromuscular system and downhill running teaches your nervous system to allow you to run fast. Like any other skill, this is best achieved through practice. Sprinters have trained with this technique for years to improve speed but distance runners also benefit by increasing cruising speed when they return to the flat after regular decline training.


Reduce Delayed-onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). If you have ever run the Boston Marathon, you have experienced firsthand the impact downhill running can have on your muscles. When running hard downhill, your muscles work eccentrically to resist the force of gravity, which causes microscopic damage to the muscle fibers and surrounding connective tissue. This leads to inflammation and muscle soreness. Although you will be sore after the first few workouts, training on downhills protects your muscles from future damage and soreness. The muscles not only repair, but are also better able to handle future demands because the adaptations that occur within the muscle. A session of downhill running every two to three weeks is enough to maintain those adaptations.


Up and Down Intervals. Uphills and downhills can be incorporated in the same workout by doing intervals in which you run up a hill hard, than sustain the intensity over the top and down the other side. If you make these intervals two – six minutes in duration (with a one to two minute recovery jog in between), these make excellent VO2 max workouts and can replace the ones in your normal training schedule. These training sessions are time-efficient as they incorporate the benefits of several different types or workouts, and reinforce the ability to maintain effort over the top of a hill and shifting technique to pick up speed on the downhill.


Race Simulation. If you are training for the Borgess Half Marathon, your muscles need to be able to handle the 2 mile descent from the start into downtown Kalamazoo. If you are training for the Boston Marathon, you need to be able to handle the descent from Wellesley into Newton Lower Falls at 15 miles, and the plunge into Boston proper after cresting Heartbreak Hill. If you are preparing for the ING New York City Marathon, your body needs to be ready for the downhill into Manhattan at 16 miles. It is important to try to simulate the descents that you will encounter in your goals races in terms of steepness, length, and where they fall within the race.

Courroie orthopédique silencieuse

Bodyguard’s orthopedic belts are carefully selected to meet various requirements.


Reduce Impact Energy. Our orthopedic belts are twice as soft as our regular belts and are designed to work in sync with our BDS Shock absorption system to substantially reduce impact energy during each foot strike.


Simulate an Athletic Track Feel. The compound selected for the top of our belts is carefully chosen to replicate the comfort and grip one would experience on a premium athletic track.



Low-Friction Performance. The underside weave selected for our orthopedic belts is made of a premium synthetic that works in unison with our phenolic-coated decks to provide low-friction operation despite the extra weight of the top orthopedic compound. As a result Bodyguard’s Orthopedic Belt’s draw on average only ½ amp more from the drive system than our standard belts and wear at a similar rate to our standard Durobelts. This means users who choose to benefit from the impact energy and shock absorption benefits of a Bodyguard Orthopedic Belt do not have to worry about prematurely wearing out their drive system.


Whisper Quiet Performance. Bodyguard’s Orthopedic Belts are carefully selected with materials that produce an extremely low level of noise so working out in the home causes as little disturbance to those around you as possible.

Châssis monopièce en X

Bodyguard’s exclusive X-Frame is the next step in the evolution of treadmill frame development.  Engineers regularly use X-Frames in construction and manufacturing due to their improved strength and torsion ratings so when Bodyguard was looking to create the strongest “pound-for-pound” treadmill frame on the market, it made sense to incorporate X-Frame technology. The results have been outstanding as Bodyguard’s X-Frames are incredibly stable, with a low center of gravity and suffer minimal twisting, torsion and flex making them a dream to workout on. X-Frames also have proven to be tremendous value for money as less steel is required to meet the higher strength ratings which reduces production, freight and shipping costs while making the units safer for installation and easier to move than heavier units of the same strength.

Surface de course 22" X 60"

Feeling comfortable on the treadmill is extremely important so if you feel that a longer and wider exercise area is ideal for you then our larger 22” x 60” running area makes a great choice.

Moteur DC Palladium 3.4 HP

Our custom-built 3.4HP, 3600 rpm DC motor is ideal for heavy-duty usage and offers efficient, smooth, low noise operation with a proven track record. Unlike many of our competitors, you will not find any high horsepower-high rpm physically small motors in Bodyguard Treadmills rather we focus on offering consistent, sustainable, long term performance backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Barres de maintien SafeGrip

The stylish SafeGrip handlebars shape is synonymous with Bodyguard and is easy to grip hold onto if losing balance, which makes it a great safety feature. Meanwhile, it proves to be very functional as a towel holder as well.

Clavier rapproché

The front keypad found on our premium treadmill design brings all the principle controls forward placing them in the ideal ergonomic position during exercise. Furthermore, the keypad has been seamlessly integrated with our angled contact heart rate bars so users can make easy speed and incline changes while holding onto the bars for support.

Programmes contrôle de fréquence cardiaque

Bodyguard Fitness offers a range of fully customizable Heart Rate Control programs ideal for both beginners and advanced users that will help maximize the results from each and every workout. From fixed Target Heart Rate workouts to Heart Rate Interval Training (only available on certain models) that moves the user through various zones there is something for everyone no matter the exercise level.


Working out in a specific heart rate zone that suits your training needs is a great way to ensure you are not under training or over training, both of which can greatly limit your ability to meet your fitness goals.  After selecting the desired workout zone or zones in the case of Heart Rate Interval workouts, users may fine-tune their selection by both % of Maximum Heart Rate or by selecting an exact Target Heart Rate value within that zone. Furthermore, treadmill users can then choose the Mode in which the machine will adjust to maintain the user at their desired Target Heart Rate.


Bodyguard offers 3 treadmill modes to select from to make adjustments during Heart Rate Training programs; Speed only, Incline only, or a combination of Speed and Incline. The Speed only mode is particularly popular with runners who do not wish to incorporate hill climbing into their Heart Rate Workouts, the machine will simply speed up and slow down in small increments to keep the users heart rate in line with their target. The Incline only mode is more popular with walkers who wish to benefit from Heart Rate Control programs but do not wish to increase their speed and be forced to start jogging or running. With the Elevation only Heart Rate Control mode there is no excuse for a walker to not get a fantastic walkout and thanks to Bodyguard’s ESC feature (see the ESC section for more details) the program will feel just like hiking up the hills outside. Finally, for those looking for a variety in adjustments then the Speed and Incline mode is the perfect fit. During this mode the unit will automatically make 2 speed adjustments followed by 1 incline adjustment in order to keep the user at their target Heart Rate Value.

Ceinture de transmission de fréquence cardiaque sans fil

Bodyguard’s custom wireless chest strap is comfortable, easily adjustable and ideal for monitoring your heart rate during workouts or for using with Heart Rate Training programs. The battery can easily be replaced when empty and the sensor pads are suitable for use with electrode gel if required.

Touches de sélection rapide de vitesse

The 2 preset speed keys labeled “A” & “B” are similar to the Speed Quick Keys, however they can be set to store any speed value. For example if your preferred warm up speed is 4.2 mph and your favorite running speed is 7.9 mph then you could choose to store 4.2 in the “A” value and 7.9 in the “B” value so you can quickly alternate between your 2 most common speeds. If the values are stored while in a User ID then they will be there the next time the User logs in meaning each User can store there own preferred Preset Speed Keys. Applying a value to a Preset Speed Key is as simple as setting the treadmill to the desired speed and pressing and holding the “A” or “B” key down for 1 second. The 2 Preset Speed Keys are ideal for manual interval training where the user alternates between 2 speeds for a random time.

Pieds ajustables

Ensuring that a treadmill frame is stable is crucial to user comfort, feel and quiet operation. For this reason, our Adjustable Pivoting Feet are the perfect solution as they ensure that the rear of the treadmill is easily leveled even on the most uneven surface. And when the treadmill is elevated on an incline the feet pivot, so that its full surface area remains in contact with the floor ensuring a stable surface at all incline or decline levels. The Adjustable Pivoting Feet are yet another example of the small details that contribute to Bodyguard’s superior performance. 

Longues barres de maintien

The long handrails reach much further along the treadmill than shorter handrails maximizing security and have been designed to flare out so as to avoid interfering with the swinging arms during exercise.  Furthermore, the long handrails increase frame stability and minimize console vibration by joining the upright masts to the base in two more areas.

Surface de course 20" x 60"

Feeling comfortable on the treadmill is extremely important so if you feel that a longer exercise area is ideal for you then the 20” x 60” running area makes a great choice.

Moteur DC Palladium 2.75 HP

Our custom-built 2.75HP, 3600 rpm DC motor is ideal for residential usage and offers efficient, smooth, low noise operation with a proven track record. Unlike many of our competitors, you will not find any high horsepower-high rpm physically small motors in Bodyguard Treadmills rather we focus on offering consistent, sustainable, long term performance backed by an industry-leading warranty.