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Experience the new generation of Bodyguard®'s products developed to meet your fitness expectations.

The new X-Technology brings you the future of the fitness industry. It's an interactive way to KEEP YOU MOTIVATED. You will get results with good exercise and a positive X-way of training.

Discover the smart and innovative X-Card™ and
X-Equipment offering a range of solutions to help you reach your fitness goals.

The X-Technology has been designed to integrate perfectly with Bodyguard®'s equipment.

Bodyguard®'s products have always been synonymous with excellence. No one else train you better to attain your fitness goals.

Designed to:

  • Be a user-friendly exercise product that is fun and simple to use.
  • Bodyguard®'s interactive equipment provides you with a full personalize
    X-way of training into your lifestyle.
  • Offer multiple categories such as: Healthy Weight, Body Shape, Energy, Sports Training and Outdoors including adapted programs with levels to achieve different fitness goals.
  • Acquire your results by logging on Bodyguard®'s website.
  • Keep track of your improvements and visualize your training data using graphics, charts, and reports.
  • Get the benefits of working with your fitness instructor at home.