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Heart Rate Transmitter

A comfortable, accurate Heart Rate Transmitter for all Bodyguard cardio products. 

Key Features:

Accurate Readings 
Reliable transmission of a user`s heart rate via quality contacts.

Ergonomic design that provides a superior fit.

Fits a wide range of users.

Replaceable Battery
No need to throw out the transmitter when the battery eventually runs out.

$69.00 USD

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Q & A

Will this transmitter work on other company’s products?
Possibly. It depends on the frequency that the receiver is programmed to read and also if it is coded or not.  This transmitter is designed to work seamlessly with all Bodyguard Cardio products.

Do I need to wet the sensors before use?
We recommend placing a little water on the sensors as it helps with the transmission.

How do you turn it on or off?
Once the sensors make contact with the skin it will begin transmitting and it will turn off automatically when no longer it contact.

Why can you not change the battery on some company’s transmitters?
In order to maximize the water proof specification of transmitters for swimming some transmitters are fully sealed an do not allow the battery to be changed.  If a user will not swim with their transmitter then a changeable battery might be a better choice for the long term.


  • Frequency: 5 kHz
  • Color: Black


    1 Year*

    * Battery excluded.

    These items and specifications are subject to change.